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Getting to Know... Da Kang of Trailride Blues- Jeter Jones


The Man Behind the Music..

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Jeter Jones has established himself as "The Kang of Trailride Blues", however to his family and close friends he is: Retired "Sergeant First Class Gary C. Jones. Having  proudly served his country for 20 years, 15 1/2 years enlisted in the U. S. Army & 4 1/2 years enlisted in the United States Marine Corp (USMC), Jeter Jones is a decorated combat veteran after being deployed on many combat tours. Born and raised on the eastside of  Mansfield, Louisiana with a home base close to Shreveport/Bossier area, growing up Jeter had a love for all genres and styles of music. Like many legendary blues singers, Jeter's natural musical talent stems from being born into a lineage of great gospel quartet singers. Known to many as "The Jones Brothers & Spiritual Travelers", his  grandfather- James H. Jones Sr., his father- JC Wells, his uncles: Rev Roy R. Jones, David, Dalton, Willis, James Jr., and Joe Boy Jones, all shared and nurtured Jeter gifts.

Jeter has been a great role model for his community and neighboring cities and has earn him the title of "Hometown Hero" for the 318 area. He has an unconditional love for his hometown, where he currently resides, remaining actively involved with the Mansfield High School Band on several projects, as well as the Huntington Marching Band of Shreveport, La. Cherishing his love for gospel, Jeter Jones sings frequently with the Male Chorus at his home church, Bethlehem Baptist Church located in Nabortan La, where he is currently serving as their Youth Director.

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A Story Steeped in Sound...

After years of hard work and determination, Jeter Jones has taken the world by storm with his unique brand of Southern Soul Blues Music. It was in February of 2013, while still on active duty as a member of 1-7 FA stationed @ Fort Riley, Kansas, Jeter began his musical journey with the release of his first debut album entitled: R.E.A.L.-"Raw Encouraging Amazing Love, which earned him a distribution deal with Tate Music Group.  It was in December of that same year, Jeter released his second album entitled: "Sweet Jones Live @ LeRoy's Chicken Shack" under the direction of Eric "Smidi" Smith, which was his first Southern Soul Album. "Sweet Jones Live @ LeRoy's Chicken Shack" earned 4 stars from Daddy B Nice reviews, landed on the blues charts with hits such as "Da Boot Scoot" and "Cowboy Up". Jeter's second album was also as nominated 2014 ZBT Awards Album of the Year gaining him recognition as 2014 ZBT Awards Best New Artist Nominee.

A Musical Journey to Success...

It would be a year and a half later when Jeter began making his footprint in Southern Soul. In July of 2015, Jeter released his 3rd album entitled: "Da GQ Country Boy", which again earned 4stars from Daddy B Nice reviews while dominating the blues charts with great singles such as "Cold Pepsi", "Roommate", "Zydeco with Me", and "The Cowboy Slide". Jeter's 3rd album "Da GQ Country Boy was also nominated for 2015 ZBT Album of the Year, with earned him  the 2015 Rising Blues Artist of the Year Award. It was in September of 2015, Sergeant First Class Gary C. Jones (Jeter Jones) began his retirement from the U. S. army and his journey in pursuit of musical success began.

Jeter added a live band to his performances known as The Perfect Blend Band, consisting of  his local hometown talent: Julius Walton, Rico "Da Kidd" Atkins, Brandon Campbell, & of course, Jeter Jones. In December of 2016, Jeter solidified is official title as "The Kang of Trailride Blues with the released his 4th album entitled: "Trailride Certified" which earned a 5 star rating from Daddy B Nice, the first in his career. Jeter's "Trailride Certified" album conquered the blues charts earning him 2016 ZBT Awards Artist of the Year.

The Jeter Jones fan base, which had already grown significantly in size, began to grow exponentially as more people where exposed to his vocal gift and musical talent. Jeter introduced the world to his own new brand of Southern Soul music known as Trailride-Country Boy Blues. At the start of 2016 Jeter's career began to launched on a path towards unlimited success as his hard work pays off with the honor of earning various accolades for his music. Such achievements include: 2016 ZBT Blues/Southern Soul Artist of the Year, 2016 ZBT Video of the Year- "Roommate" (previous 2015 album "GQ Country Boy"), as well as The New Orleans 2016 Viewer's Choice Award: Line Dance Song of the Year-  "Cowboy Up" (2015 album "Sweet Jones Live @ Leroy's Chicken Shack"). The following year Jeter Jones earned 2017 ZBT Line Dance Song of the Year- “The Cowboy Slide” from his 2016 album "Trailride Certified". Also, Jeter Jones & the Perfect Blend Band made their mark as the "perfect blend" of musical talent earning 2017 ZBT Cover Band of the Year.

A Path Paved to Stardom

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Shall We Begin...

It was in June of 2018 Jeter Jones released his 5th album entitled: "Dhis Him", earning 2018 ZBT Album of the Year. Jeter's "Dhis Him" album has consistently remained positioned among top 20 albums on various blues charts since the date of its release. While the smash hit single "Black Horse" (2018 "Dhis Him" album), dominated blues charts ranking within the Top 3 Blues Singles. Meanwhile, Jeter's "Dhis Him" album debuted on Billboard's charts at #38. In 2019, Jeter Jones musical career began to elevate as earned: 2019 ZBT Awards Entertainer of the Year, 2019 ZBT Spring Fling Artist of the Year, 2019 Blues Critic Artist of the Year, 2019 JMA Video of the Year- "Black Horse", 2019 ZBT Band of the Year- Perfect Blend Band, as well as 2019 ZBT Video of the Year- "Black Horse".

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The People's Champ is Here!

It was April of 2020 Jeter Jones released 6th album entitled: "Mufassa" immediately followed by his 7th album entitled: The Jones Boys 2 King's Collection, a collaborative album w/ his mentor Sir Charles Jones, both released under his home @ Music Access. Jeter's last 2 albums are currently charting on Blues Critic Charts, as well as gaining nominations for pending awards. Jeter Jones also earned Jackson Music Awards 2020 Soul Artist of the Year, Jackson Music Awards 2020 Song of the Year- "Trailride" w/Sir Charles Jones, 2020 Underground Southern Soul Music Awards Entertainer of the Year,  2020 ZBT People's Choice Award Recipient, 2020 ZBT Awards Songwriter of the Year, 2020 ZBT Awards New Cupid Entertainer of the Year, 2020 ZBT Awards Male Fandemonium, 2020 ZBT Awards Best Collaboration- "Country" -Marcel Cassonova ft, Jeter Jones, 2020 ZBT Awards Nlight Records Best Soul/Blues/Zydeco Record Label of the Year- JBE Jones Boyz Entertainment. January of 2021 Jeter released his 8th album entitled "Da Fish Grease Friday" under Universal Music Group, followed by his 9th album entitled "Trailride Certified Part 2(TC2) also under UMG. In 2021, Jeter's 7th album, 2 Kings ft Sir Charles Jones, earned him #11 Billboard Blues Album Charts, fIve weeks in a row. He also received 2021 Blues Critics Awards Artist of the Year, 2021 Jackson Music Awards Record of the Year (TC2)., as well as 2021 ZBT Awards New Cupid Entertainer of the Year & 2021 ZBT Awards Album of the Year (2 Kings: ft. Sir Charles). Empowered by a combination of determination, military values, a strong work ethic, vibrant energy, and sheer musical talent, Jeter Jones has skyrocketed into becoming a successful legendary Southern Soul artist. Not only has Jeter gained notoriety as a singer/entertainer, he is also known for his incredible writing skills as a songwriter for himself as well as other artists in Southern Soul Music. Jeter is currently CEO of  his own independent record label- Jones Boys Ent Worldwide located in Mansfield, Louisiana.

The Kang has Arrived!!

Jeter Jones and his Perfect Blend Band are currently touring city to city and state to state providing amazing music and electrifying entertainment to his fans, as well as potential fans, in an effort to circulate his music to the masses. Jeter's rise to fame can also be attributed to the success of both his Facebook and YouTube videos being watched and share by millions. Jeter Jones has transformed into becoming an amazing entertainer known for his great vocal ability, incomparable stage presence, and his signature dance moves earning him the new found title as the hardest working man in Southern Soul. To discover more about Jeter Jones, experience his music, and stay up to date on his latest videos visit: or Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, Instagram, as well as the following digital platforms: Amazon, ITunes,, Tidal, Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, iHeart Radio, and

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    "A Journey Thru Music"        


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The Legacy Continues...

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